Our courses are suitable for professionals, such as senior engineers, master's degree and PhD students that seek specialization.


Each course has 30 hours duration and is presented at São José dos Campos, SP, Brazil. However, courses in other cities may be negotiated.


Opening classes will be published on this page and on our Instagram @castroleiteconsultoria.
Flight Dynamics of Space Launchers and Missiles


  • Rigid Body Movements Equations with 6 degrees of freedom
  • Linearization of Movements Equations
  • Flexibility Modeling
  • Flight Dynamic Influence on Flight Control
  • Different Types of Trajectory
Attitude Control and Pilotage of Aerospace Vehicles


  • Performance Analysis;
  • Synthesis of Controllers;
  • Stability Analysis;
  • Preliminary and detailed design;
  • Validation of a Attitude Control or Pilotage project.
Dynamic Systems Modeling and Simulation at Real and Virtual Enviroments


  • Dynamic Systems Mathematics Modeling Techniques
  • The Simulation Role for Dynamic Systems
  • Numerical Methods
  • Simulation Methods and Tools
  • Monte Carlo Method
  • Hardware-in-The-Loop Simulation
Aerospace Vehicles Guidance


  • Definition of the Guidance Mission;
  • Guidance Philosophy;
  • Guidance Algorithms;
  • Rendez-Vouz.
Characterization of Inertial Sensors


  • Analysis of the technologies employed on inertial sensors
  • Modeling of inertial sensor errors (gyrometers and accelerometers)
  • Statistical evaluation of the error coefficients obtained from the error modeling
  • Test plan for determining the error coefficients
Characterization of Inertial Platforms


  • Analysis of the various types of inertial platforms
  • Error modeling of the system as a whole
  • Influence of each error in system performance
  • Test plan for determining the platform misalignment
  • Simulation program of the final error generated by sensor errors